Happy Art Museum

Producers Group Ltd."Happy Art Museum" organizes art events in our “Pinakoteka" exhibition, office building and in the Riga city center in luxurious entertainment and shopping arcade,"Galleria Riga" in one floor (450m2). There were several large-scale art events. Latvian and neighboring countries artists union group exhibitions, the atrical performances, seminars, corporative events, lectures, literal actions as well as foreign collection of exposure. Shows well attended (up to 500 people a day, free entrance, seven days a week, 12.00-21.00). We offer to team up with the exchange of art exhibitions. We are ready to take Your exhibition, to take the exposure assembly, the opening event organization, advertising creation and publishing. We offer "Happy Art Museum" collection of the best Latvian contemporary artists recognized professionals paintings, sculptures, graphics. Contemporaries in the art that will become classics. The proposed exhibition designed for the widest possible audience and visitors to address a variety of categories. "Happy Art Museum” primary mission is to provoke (encourage) the viewer on a conversation, a dialogue, we have an important each visitors  viewpoint.

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